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Use the following forms for all transactions.  You must print and post the information.  Transactions via email will not be accepted.

Use Express Post or the Online Shop if you require tracking.

* Save time and postage by using the IMHR Online Shop instead!


Work Order Form - Please ensure you include this form each time you send paperwork to IMHR for processing. This form contains all the pricing and payment information. Options are Direct Deposit, PayPal and Credit Card.
Pricing is valid to 31st July 2024.


Membership Form - Use this form if you are joining or renewing your membership. Click here for more help on Membership options.


Registration Form - Use this form to register your horse or pony with IMHR. Click here for more help on Registrations.  If you have 5 or more horses/ponies under 5 years old or 5 or more horses/ponies over 5 years old to register, use the Online Shop instead and take advantage of the Bulk Pricing discounts.


Transfer or Lease Form - Form to change ownership or start lease for horse or pony. You must be a member of IMHR to transfer into your name.


Certificate of Soundness - Form to be completed by Veterinarian to confirm the soundness of breeding stallions. Must be completed if a stallion is bred (before lodging stallion return) or at 5 years old (whichever comes first).


Service Certificate - Use this form to record services by your stallion to outside mares. The mare owner then includes this completed form with the application for registration for the foal. 


Stallion Return - Use this form to record all services by your stallion including your own mares.  The format is MS Excel.  If you have trouble with this form please try the PDF version.  You must submit these returns via the Online Shop and keep your order number as your receipt.  Stallion returns sent via any other method will not receive a receipt acknowledgement There is no fee to submit a Stallion Return before the due date (1st Aug annually).  These are COMPULSORY from 1st August 2015.

List of 2018 Stallion Returns 
For breeding season 1 Aug 2017 - 31 July 2018

List of 2019 Stallion Returns 

For breeding season 1 Aug 2018 - 31 July 2019

List of 2020 Stallion Returns 
For breeding season 1 Aug 2019 - 31 July 2020

List of 2021 Stallion Returns 

For breeding season 1 Aug 2020- 31 July 2021

List of 2022 Stallion Returns 
For breeding season 1 Aug 2021 - 31 July 2022

List of 2023 Stallion Returns 

For breeding season 1 Aug 2022 - 31 July 2023

Castration Certificate - Form to be completed by a Veterinarian to confirm castration for certificate upgrade.

National Hi-Point - Nominate your horse for the Hi-Point scheme and win awards as you accrue points at any open show. More information here.

SIRES Futurities - A once-off nomination for your stallion and all progeny (past and present) are eligible to enter the SIRES Futurities prizemoney events at Nationals and other selected events. The nominated stallion must be registered IMHR and have a Certificate of Soundness on file with IMHR. 


Prizemoney won by progeny is awarded at the show to the progeny exhibitor and the totals added to the running total of prizemoney won by that stallion's progeny to establish a ranking.

Current Rankings

Nominate Your Stallion

List of Nominated Stallions

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